Frequently Asked Questions


Should I attend Northland Encampment?
Yes! This is an amazing experience for girls and adults alike!
I/We have never camped before - and are worried/concerned/scared/anxious/etc
This is actually probably an amazing first camping adventure. Your activities are planned and you can opt for the meal plan to making camping easier  There are many adult and girl campers that will be surrounding you that will make your experience much easier. 
My girls are first year daisies, will they have fun?
Yes! Girls of all ages can enjoy this! There are great programs that are just for younger girls. 
My daughter's troop has decided not to attend, but we want to be there! What do we do?
First, definitely share your enthusiasm with your troop. Some girls are afraid to speak up, so if they see you are excited, they may follow your lead. If they still don't want to come, we have a process  for single girls, Individual Girl Scouts (formerly Juliettes) and girls not active with a troop. See our Registration Page for details. We are so excited that you are joining us. 
The badge requirements after the program information, does that guarantee that my daughter will earn that requirement?
No. This is based off the information we have received in advance from the instructors.  You as a leader/parent must determine if that requirement was actually met while at that activity due to instructor changes, last minute program change or just regular variances from session to session. 
My girls aren't Daisies, can they come for Saturday only?
Yes. Please remember this is not a come and go event. There are very specific times for girls to check in and out for the day.
My girls are Daisies, I know there is a Day program, but can they camp?
Yes! We encourage it!
We have some active Dad's in our troop that want to come, are they allowed?
Yes! We encourage it! As long as your Safety Activity Checkpoint ratios are met, this is a great way for special men in our Girl Scout's lives to be involved. Please remember that they will need to be background check if they aren't already!
In what circumstance can I drive on camp?
Only camping troops will be able to camp on camp. We will have a window Friday in which cars may be driving on camp. Cars will be limited to 1 - additional cars will be directed to our off camp parking. Cars must be PARKED -  BEFORE buses arrive. All Daycampers will be bussed in from a local parking area. 
Can you explain the pricing to me?
Yes. Base camp costs include the cost to reserve the entire camp, challenge activities, t-shirts, patches, 4 other programs (with materials included), evening activities, health & safety provided, transportation from Lawson to Camp, and great memories. If you opt in for the meal plan - there is no money made on this - it is exactly that cost per girl so it is budgeted completely separate. 
I don't have Camping 102 right now, but I will by the time camp comes around, is that okay.
Yes. As long as you or a buddy camping troop (who has agreed...lol) has a Camping 102, then you are set!
Okay, I see you saying a lot about Daisies, but I have teen girls, will they have fun!
Yes! We schedule many different programs for different levels. Which is one of the reason we ask the PAL at registration, so we can get girls into programs that they are more likely to enjoy. New this year, we have something super special for them. It is our inaugural year. What an amazing time to come make history!

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