FAQ's have been updated. Check there first to see if someone already asked your question!

Registration will be open: TBD

Payment must be made in full to be considered registered.


Fees apply to all participants - Girls and Adults

Late registrations will not be accepted.


Registration Includes:

* Camping

* All Activities (both day and evening)

* Shirt

* Patch(s)

  •  Overnight Campers will get an additional rocker patch to match up with the even patch
  • Teen girls will receive an additional rocker as well

* Meals (Saturday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner & Sunday Breakfast)


Things to keep in mind:

  • There are 6 activity sessions making the lunch break shorter. If you would like to keep a longer lunch time for your troop, be sure to check "Long Lunch - No Activity 4" on your program choices.
  • There are no individual girl/adult forms - just the (1) Troop form that should be filled out by the Troop Leader
  • All Girl Scouts are welcome to participate in Northland Encampment! Not just Northland troops.
  • There will be limited onsite parking. Parking and busing will be announced in the near future.
  • This is a weekend event from Friday to Sunday. Due to the number of Troops that have never experienced Northland Encampment before we have opened it up to Day only, but still heavily suggest camping to get the whole experience. 
    • This gives either the option to camp Friday AND Saturday or to only come for the day on Saturday. 




1. Troop Leaders (only) - Must fill out the Troop Registration form. Form Coming Soon!

      Information required when the form is completed.

  • Names of Each participant (as they are registered with GSUSA) - Girls and Adults
  • T-Shirt sizes for all attendees
  • Day or Camping

See Fee Schedule to help estimate your costs. 


Individual Girls (aka Juliettes):

This process is for girls not attending with a troop due to being an Individual Girl Scout or their troop not attending. An adult MUST attend with the girl. 

1. Adult - Must fill out the Troop Registration form. This should be submitted only 1 time. If there are changes please email

3. Individual/Juliettes should be using Troop 0000 to indicate they are Individual Girl Scouts without a troop. 

See Fee Schedule to help estimate your costs. 


General Information

  • Due to the size of this event, all participating girls and overnight adults MUST be registered Girl Scout Registration. Young children, infants, boys (not on staff) and pets are not allowed on site.
  • All GS adult/girl ratios have to be met for Safety Checkpoints. If you are short adults, consider buddying with another troop in your SU. 
  • We ask that each troop bring at least a 4 roll pack of toilet paper to check in (if you are a larger troop please consider a larger pack). Encampment staff will keep the latrines stocked.
  • We recommend that electronics not be brought to camp. We ask that troops girls and adults limit the amount of cell phone usage during camp.
  • No Fireworks, firearms, weapons, drugs or alcoholic beverages may be brought to camp. Per Wilderness policy there is No Smoking on camp grounds.
  • Shoes and socks must be worn at all times. It is suggested that tennis shoes or boots are worn. Sandals and crocs are not appropriate foot gear. We suggest that the adults adhere to this as well. 
  • Troops are responsible for Friday Dinner and any snacks. If they opt out of the meal plan, then they are responsible for all food.
  • Due to the size of the event, special requests and exceptions cannot be accomodated. If there is an issues you would like to talk with a committee member about, please email us before proceeding. 
  • No Refunds will be given for Troop/Girl Cancelation. If camp is cancelled due to COVID concerns, the refund may be less than total paid - based on the amount spent till the time of cancellation. 


Wilderness Camping and Retreat's address : 

 34030 W 204th St. 
Lawson, MO 64062